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Through the vocational training provided by SCDO, Abdirazak has developed skills in electrical installation, and today, he works for the Galkayo Technical Institute as a trainer himself. Photo: Harun Hassan

Somalia: SCDO's vocational training changes lives

To stifle the unrest of the Somali youth, Diakonia's partner organization SCDO conducts vocational training in Puntland and Galmudug. Abdirazak has attended the training with great success.


Training for school dropouts

Abdirazak Ibrahim Adaan is a 23-year old man living with his aunt in Galkayo, Puntland. After he dropped out of school due to lack of funds, he heard from a radio station that a vocational skills training programme was offered for school dropouts.

The programme turned out to be a project from Diakonia's partner organization Somali Community Development Organisation (SCDO), that has been offering vocational training in the region since 2010.

SCDO started the programme to help Somali youth find jobs instead of being used as tools in the conflict, which is important since Somalia has been drained of skilled workers after the civil war.

Completed the programme and got a job

Abdirazak joined SCDO's vocational training programme at the Galkayo Technical Institute and successfully completed a nine-month course in electrical installation.

Upon graduating, Abdirazak was employed by a privately-owned power generation, transmission and distribution company in Galkayo. After working with the company for a few months, Abdirazak was provided with an opportunity to become a part-time trainer at the Galkayo Technical Institute. He is currently earning US$300 per month, which he says meets his basic requirements and additionally supports some of his siblings by paying their school fees.

Changed his life

According to Abdirazak , the vocational skills training programme has completely changed his life and given him hope when he had none.

"I feel proud that I can take care of myself and contribute to the wellbeing of my family," Abdirazak says, and he feels confident that he can pursue his dreams for the future.

Trained over 4,000 people

As a result of SCDO's project, 1,890 men, women, minority groups and people with disabilities have participated in the vocational traning, while another 2,400 have acquired literacy and numerace training as a part of their vocational training.

Of those attending the programme, 82 percent have received paying jobs. In addition, the 2,400 youth that became literate felt that they could now understand the democratization processes that were going on in Somalia because they could read and write.