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The work of all those employed by Diakonia are regulated by Diakonia's human resources handbook.

Human resource handbook

Diakonia’s internal human resource handbook regulates work related to human resources issues. The main principle of the handbook is that all Diakonia employees must be guaranteed the same rights and opportunities as regards conditions of employment, employment benefits and opportunities for development.

Employees in more than 30 countries

Diakonia has employees in more than 30 countries, and each country has its own labour legislation. Through our human resource handbook, Diakonia strives to comply with these laws while attempting to secure the same basic rights and opportunities for all employees - – independently of where in the world they are working.

If a country’s labour legislation contains terms of employment for employees that are less advantageous than those stipulated in Diakonia’s human resource handbook, they shall be replaced by those in the handbook, legal requirements or current collective agreements permitting.

Similarly, the terms in the human resource handbook are adapted to the legislation of each respective country if this legislation offers employees more advantageous terms.

The Diakonia human resource handbook regulates:

Guidelines for recruitment


Condition of employment

Working conditions

Health-promoting activities, healthcare and medical treatment

Work equipment

Working environment

Termination of employment

Code of Conduct

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Diakonia's Code of Conduct 373 KB PDF