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Diakonia's presence in Tanzania is relatively recent, and our geographical focus is in the Lake Victoria region. The current partner organizations work within the Lake Victoria Rights Programme, targeting fishing communities.

5/4/2014 Publisher: Caroline Kogi

Interfaith forum on social justice issues

LVRP is implemented within an interfaith (Muslim and Christian) partnership in the Lake Victoria region. Imams and Pastors join together and create similar messages on various human rights and socio-economic  issues which they share during their sermons. This unity of message and purpose has helped in raising awareness and acceptability of Human rights among community members.

Economic empowerment

Another key component in our work in Tanzania is economic empowerment for fishermen living close to Lake Victoria. Together with the fishing communities, Diakonia and our partner organizations have identified new possible sources for income, thus making the people living near the lake less dependent on the insecure incomes from fishing.

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