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Diakonia has worked in Somalia since 1994. Through capacity building of civil society organizations, particularly women's local NGOs, and through promoting awareness and respect for human rights among the population, we support the democratisation process in Somalia.


Collapsed federal government

Somalia has an estimated population of 9 million people (2009). In 1991, the Somali Civil War broke out, resulting in the collapse of the federal government. The northwestern entity Somaliland declared its independence in 1991, but is yet to be recognised as an independent state by the international community. 

Education strengthening capacity

The major focus of Diakonia's recent work in Somalia has been to increase community participation through education. This has led to a realisation of increased government funding for the education sector from 5 per cent in 2010/2011 to 8 per cent in 2011/2012, and a further commitment from the Puntland government to employ and pay 200 teachers every year starting in 2012.

During 2012, Diakonia and our partner organizations have conducted youth training in vocational skills. Through this, adults have learnt to read and write, and teachers who were certified indicate that they are now confident in engaging the democratisation process.

Strengthening civil society

Diakonia and our partner organizations have strengthened civil society organizations by supporting the establishment of local women's centres and local institutions of higher learning.

Drought and famine in 2011

The 2011 drought resulted in famine and further suffering for the already vulnerable people in Somalia, particularly in the southern parts of the country. Due to the violence and lack of security, international organizations had severe difficulties in providing humanitarian assistance. Diakonia however, working through local partner organizations, was able to provide help to internally displaced people in the northern and central parts of Somalia.

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