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Dashed hopes - continuation of the Gaza blockade

In June 2010 Israel, following concerted international pressure, the Government of Israel announced a set of measures to ease its illegal blockade of the Gaza. Diakonia has, together with many other NGO:s, studied the effects of the measures. In the report, we state that the situation for civilians in Gaza remains critical.

More food stuffs have been allowed

Although there has been a significant increase in the amount of food stuffs entering Gaza, many humanitarian items, including vital water equipment,that are not on the Israeli restricted list continue to receive no permits.

670,000 truckloads of construction material is required

While the Government of Israel in June 2010 committed to expand and accelerate the inflow of construction materials for international projects, it has so far only approved 7 percent of the building plan for UNRWA’s projects in Gaza, and of that 7 percent only a small fraction of the necessary construction material has been allowed to enter for projects including schools and health centres.

The UN reports that Gaza requires 670,000 truckloads of construction material, while only an average of 715 of these truckloads have been received per month since the measures were announced.

Still huge lack of raw materials

Two thirds of Gaza’s factories report they have received none or only some of the raw materials they need to recommence operations. As a result, 39 percent of Gaza residents remain unemployed and unable to afford the new goods in the shops.

80 percent of the population depend on international aid

Without raw materials and the chance to export, Gaza's businesses are unable to compete with the cheaper newly imported goods. This economic development leaves 80 percent of the population dependent upon international aid.

The blockade is violation of International Humanitarian Law

The International Committee of the Red Cross has recently confirmed that the blockade constitutes a collective punishment of the entire civilian populationof Gaza and is in clear violation of international humanitarian law.

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