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Reports from Diakonia

Diakonia regularly participates in and produces in-depth reports regarding development aid and our thematic focus areas. Most of our publications are in Swedish, but some are also produced in English.

May 2015: Just copy and paste - Successful climate adaptation

The report Just copy and paste has its starting point in successful climate adaptation projects in Sri Lanka. With climate finance these projects can be multiplied, to secure a sustainable development for people affected by climate change. 

May 2013: Tax transparency - Where do corporations with operations in developing countries pay taxes?

Swedwatch has in cooperation with Diakonia examined how four Swedish multinational companies think and act regarding tax payments in Zambia in the report Tax transparency. The report shows that although the companies are not guilty of tax evasion, they provide no information on how they handle tax planning as a matter of corporate responsibility.

April 2013: Study about political governance in Zambia

Diakonia has released the report Political governance study in Zambia, which gives recommendations on stakeholders' empirical evidence for implementing effective policies and programmes in Zambia's political governance.

November 2012: CDM-report: Case study on a Swedish carbon offsetting project

Vi konsumerar - de kompenserar (We consume, they compensate) is the title of a report produced by Swedwatch in cooperation with Diakonia and the Church of Sweden. The report examines one of the many projects Sweden will be buying carbon credits from in the future – a hydropower project in northern India.

October 2012: Trading away peace

The report Trading away peace found that the EU imports 15 times more from the illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory than from the Palestinians themselves. Diakonia, along with a large group of human rights organizations, demand that the EU must stop its financial support to illegal Israeli settlements.

June 2012: A lot of gold, a lot of trouble

A lot of Gold, a lot of Trouble is a report about the Democratic Republic of Congo, published by Diakonia and the NGO Swedwatch. The report focuses on how Swedish companies should act when doing business in areas of conflict and extreme poverty.

February 2012: Human rights and confrontation in Central America

Human rights and confrontation is the title of a report by Diakonia and three Central American partner organizations about Central America. In the whole region, the human rights situation and that of human rights defenders is worrying, the report states.

June 2011: Restricting Aid - The Costs of Delivering Assistance in the OPT"

Israeli-imposed movement and access restrictions on humanitarian and development work in the occupied Palestinian territory are costing donors and their tax payers at least US$4.5 million a year, says AIDA in the report Restricting Aid.

May 2011: Challenging Self-Interest - AidWatch 2011

EU member states are off-track to meet their aid quantity and aid effectiveness commitments, and are increasingly prioritising self-interested aid policies, says the Aid Watch report of 2011 by CONCORD Europe.

May 2011: In support of people or business?

A new report from CIFCA and APRODEV, where Diakonia is a member, expresses serious concerns regarding the European Union's future development cooperation. Will it be in support of people or business?

November 2010: EU responsibilities for a just and sustainable world

In this narrative on development from Concord we have studied how the EU can become more efficient in its politcs for poverty eradication. A stronger policy coherence is much needed.

November 2010: Dashed hopes: A report about the continuation of the blockade of Gaza

Five months after Israel's promised ease of the blockade, 80 per cent of the civilians living in Gaza still are depending on international aid. More food stuffs are now allowed, but the situation for ordinary people in Gaza continues to be critical shows the report Dashed hopes.

December 2009: Failing Gaza

One year after the Operation Cast Lead, the citizens of Gaza still have not seen any rebuilding. The international community has betrayed the people of Gaza by failing to back their words with effective actions, states Diakonia and 15 other organisations in the report Failing Gaza.