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Civil society sends letter to the EU about Honduras

Five European networks, of which Diakonia is member of two, express their deep concern about the human rights situation in Honduras to the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton.

Much effort to protect human rights

The Honduran civil society organizations and their international partner organizations dedicate a lot of effort in order to protect human rights defenders, denounce violations, promote awareness and create support among other states, the UN and the European Union. To further emphasize the situation at hand, networks of European organizations, where Diakonia is included, have sent a letter to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton.

Human rights in Honduras must be protected

The letter informs Ashton and the EU about the current situation and asks for more effective measures through political dialogue and cooperation mechanisms. There are signs of Honduras becoming an increasingly fragile state, characterized by serious human rights violations which continue with impunity. The EU must therefore needs t0 put processes in motion to ensure the protection of human rights in Honduras. The letter also contains links to other letters and reports on the human rights situation in Honduras.

Read the letter to Catherine Ashton