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Performance of one of the plays by children with different disabilities at the Basma Society for Culture and Arts.

Gaza: Play about integration of people with disabilities

There are many ways of advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities. The Basma Society for Culture and Arts, with the support from Diakonia, recently held kid's plays in Gaza that focused on the integration and mainstreaming of persons with disabilities.

Theatre as a tool for advocacy

The advocacy initative was carried out through children performing and informing about the life they live themselves as blind, deaf and mobility hindered. While showing how discrimination can look, they also used the play to show the need for mainstreaming and integration of people with disabilities. This was done by showing different methods, like the use of sign language, to prove that people with disabilities can be productive and overcome barriers in society.

The Basma Society for Culture and Arts: One of the organizations Diakonia supports in Gaza is the Basma Society for Culture and Arts, who frequently arranges cultural events and conducts advocacy which highlight the situation of people and children with disabilities.

The reaction from a mother

The main aim of the initiative was to express the need of a just society where background and physical capabilities are irrelevant. And the aim reached at least one person, a mother of a child performing the play.

"I never knew that my child who has a disability has such an overwhelming response due to the discrimination against him in comparison to his brothers. Now, and after I have seen my son playing in this show; I realize that this child has the right to learn and live in dignity, where he can be productive and useful for me in the future," says the mother proudly.