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Rights holders are happy that their demand for action has paid off with better services in the water sector. Acccountabily and improved public service delivery is the ultimate goal for the Diakonia democracy and human rights programme in Kenya.

Partnership to strengthen accontability in Kenya

The Embassy of Sweden in Kenya has embarked on a new partnership with Diakonia in Kenya for the next two and half years to support the implementation of a democracy and human rights programme to the tune of 45 MSEK. This will increase the possibility for Diakonia and its partners in Kenya to deepen accountabily and work for democracy and human rights.


The democracy in face many challenges

Kenya Kenya’s democracy faces several challenges including limited accountability, corruption challenges, political party malpractices, limited cohesion among citizens and shrinking civil society space among others.

Access to justice institutions such as the police, the judiciary and the prisons continue to face challenges of accountability, corruption and slow implementation of reforms, huge case backlogs in the judiciary and congested prisons among others.

Kenya has come a long way since the beginning of multi-party democracy in the early 1990’s. This journey culminated in a new constitutional dispensation that is now about five years old (2015). Kenya’s constitution has introduced a new system of Governance with one National government and 47 County governments.

12 partners in 18 counties in Kenya

Diakonia will work with about 12 partners in implementing this program whose purpose is to strengthen accountability, deepen democratic practice and the rule of law as well as enhance the efficiency of the justice delivery institutions namely the police, the judiciary and the prisons. The program will work in 18 counties.

Close cooperation with partners

In keeping with Diakonia’s accountability commitments, Diakonia involved all the partners right from development of the concept, to the full proposal and budget to Sida. The partners in this program have been involved in every step of the program development and Diakonia seeks to demonstrate that accountability is the hall mark of the program.

In one of the meetings with Louise Bermsjö, First secretary and Senior program manager for democracy and human rights, Embassy of Sweden, she remarked “Diakonia is very democratic and we like the way you have involved the partners in this process, you are living up to the aspirations of the this program.

The perspectives and needs of the rights holders are the starting point 

Diakonia will encourage partners to ensure that the rights holders remain central in the implementation of the program, deepen ownership and accountability and lead by example in furthering the democratic and accountability practices that the new program seeks to advance.

The Kenya country programme team is very excited about this very exciting opportunity and partnership. We are prepared to do our best together with our partners and rights holders to individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the results envisaged in this programme, says the Diakonia country manager Lucy Githaiga.