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How and to whom can I give information about how stop child marriage? was one of the questions at an open meeting arranged by the Diakonia partner MKP in Bangladesh.

Raising awareness about child marriage and dowry

The civil society in Bangladesh is working to raise awareness against child marriage and dowry. The report below is one example of how the work is carried out. Step by step, on all levels of society, awareness is being raised.


Gender justice and good governance

Manab Kallyan Parished (MKP) is a Diakonia partner in the north-western part of Bangladesh. The organization is working for gender justice and good governance, with the participation of community people.

MKP works with women, men, students, children and their parents and also with teachers and local government bodies and other NGOs. 

To enhance accountability and interaction between students, parents, school management committee and local government – MKP and others organized a dialogue session on August 12, 2014 at Bolorampur Hat high school in Panchagarh.

During the meeting, parents and students had the opportunity to ask about how to access legal protection if they want to stop a child marriage or dowry transaction.

One of such guardian was Jahanara Begum who was asking the chief guest Mr Sumsul Azam: "How and to whom can I give information about how stop child marriage?" Mr Sumsul Azam, who is additional deputy commissioner of Panchagarh district, welcomed the questions raised. He also provided his two mobile numbers to the audience to dirctely contact him and to the police station.