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Cover of the booklet on climate and sustainable development.

Booklet on climate and sustainable development

The churches in Sweden have produced a booklet on climate and sustainable development. It can be used by churches as an inspiration to discussions on climate change and justice. 


Global warming and climate change is a serious threat

The global climate situation is becoming serious and critical. The increase in global warming, economic and social injustice as well as an ecologically unsustainable lifestyle, is already threatening many people’s lives and will continue to do so in future generations.

The threat even encompasses the many different species that have a right to exist together with the human race on the earth.

Protecting the Creation

The churches are united in declaring that God has called us all to protect creation. How this is expressed and argued varies according to the different Christian traditions. However, there is a basic common belief that God loves creation and wants to protect it for its future survival. God is completely against a damaged and spoiled creation.

Booklet to inspire churches to address climate and sustainability

The booklet "Protect the Earth that God Loves" was published in Swedish in 2013. It has now been translated into English in order to serve as an inspiration for  churches all over the world, wanting to initiate discussions on climate and sustainability.

Sustainable development includes many different issues, and the booklet can help us reflect from a broad perspective although its main focus is on climate as this is an area where changes can and should be swiftly instigated. We hope that many will participate in the discussion and be challenged to

The booklet "Protect the Earth that God Loves" is produced by the working group on climate and sustainable development of the Christian Council of Sweden.

Download the booklet

Protect the Earth that God Loves 583 KB PDF