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Before the bills were handed over, they were thouroughly counted by activists and staff from Diakonia in order to see how many people had taken part in the campaign. Photo: Gustav Hugosson

Climate change - Sweden does a runner

"Climate change - Sweden does a runner" was a campaign through which Diakonia put pressure on the Swedish government to live up to its promises of allocating money to fight climate change and itseffects of climate change in developing countries. In the end, 7 359 unique bills were gathered and handed over to the government.


Promises have not been kept

The campaign created awareness about Sweden's poor performance in climate finance. Despite having signed international climate agreements, Sweden hasn't fulfilled its part. While promising new and additional money to fight climate change, Sweden has instead used money from its existing aid budget. So instead of contributing money they are skipping the bill – doing a runner- which obviously needs correcting.

7 359 bills collected

In the end, the campaign gathered 7 359 signed bills, which is the largest petition that Diakonia has ever conducted by itself. On the 2nd of September 2013 the bills were handed over to the government.

Hopes for the future

As the goal of the campaign, Diakonia hopes that Swedish finance minister Anders Borg will participate by actually allocating SEK 2 billion (approximately USD 300 million) to climate finance in developing countries, through new and additional funds, of course. Hopefully, the campaign will make a difference and prevent Sweden from continuing to do a runner on its climate responsibilities.

EU shares of international climate finance: Diakonia has calculated the shares of climate finance for each EU member state. The numbers are based on the commitment from COP15 in Copenhagen, where the EU together with other developed countries promised to mobilize USD 100 billion annually to developing countries from 2020.


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