Portrait of a woman in a red hijab. In the background there are fabrics hanging.

About us

Diakonia is a faith-based Swedish development organization. We support and work with around 400 local partner organizations in 25 countries. Together with our partner organizations, we form a global network that works to ensure that more people are able to live dignified lives.

Three different components

Diakonia's work can be roughly divided into three different components:

  • Cooperation with our partner organizations and support for their long term work on change
  • Popular education, mobilisation and advocacy in Sweden and internationally
  • Humanitarian emergency response in collaboration with partner organizations in the affected areas.

    Fair and sustainable development

    Diakonia's vision is a world where all people live in dignified circumstances in a just and sustainable world, free from poverty. Diakonia's vision includes all people irrespective of religion, gender, ethnicity, colour, sexual orientation, language, ideological or political beliefs, national or social origin, property, age, birth or any other status.

    Diakonia's goal is to change unfair political, economic, social and cultural structures that generate poverty, oppression and violence.

    The starting point for these efforts is the Gospel, on which our policy is based, with Jesus as role model.

    Diakonia's strength

    Diakonia does not carry out projects of our own. Instead, we support local partner organizations. As these organizations are already present and well established, it makes the long-term development work more effective.

    Diakonia's strength is its partner organizations. They work tirelessly on the basis of their beliefs, taking action to ensure a dignified future for vulnerable people.


    Donations from Swedish individuals and congregations form a necessary part of our work. For every Swedish krona donated the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, contributes additional funding.

    Diakonia also recieves funding for specific projects from the EU, embassies and other international organizations.

    The Swedish support base

    In Sweden, Diakonia works with popular education, mobilisation, advocacy, campaigning and fundraising.

    The organization was founded in 1966 by five Swedish churches. Members of these congregations still form part of Diakonia's support base.

    The support base also consists of local and regional representatives of Diakonia, groups of young volounteers and activists. In addition to fundraising activities, they work to spread information and carry out campaigns for Diakonia.

    Responsible bodies of Diakonia

    The Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan)

    The Swedish Alliance Mission (Svenska Alliansmissionen)