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Partners in the Middle East and North Africa

Here is a list of Diakonia's partner organizations in the Middle East and North Africa.

9/29/2015 Publisher: Anna Bengtsson
Country Organization Website
Egypt Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services www.ceoss.org
Egypt Better Life Association for   Comprehensive Development www.blacd.org
Egypt Arab Office for Youth and Environment www.aoye.org 
Egypt New Horizon Association for Social Development



Egypt Future Eve Foundation


Lebanon Association Najdeh www.association-najdeh.org/english/index.html
Lebanon Arab NGO Network for Development www.annd.org
Lebanon Arab Network for Democratic Elections  
Lebanon Community Based Rehabilitation Association www.vintob.com/cbr
Lebanon Lebanon Support www.lebanon-support.org
Lebanon Lebanon Eco Movement www.lebanonecomovement.org
Lebanon Permanent Peace Movement www.ppm-lebanon.org
Lebanon ABAAD-Resource Center for Gender Equality www.abaadmena.org
Lebanon Developmental Action without Borders www.nabaa-lb.org
Lebanon Arc en ciel www.arcenciel.org
Lebanon Dar Al Amal www.dar-al-amal.org
Lebanon Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering www.rdflwomen.org
Lebanon Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections www.lade.org.lb/LADE.aspx?lang=en-us
Lebanon National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training www.socialcare.org
Lebanon Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union www.lphu.com
Lebanon Lebanese Observatory for Rights of Workers and Employees www.lebaneselw.com
Palestine/Israel Al Baseera Forum for the blind and visually impaired  
Palestine/Israel Future Society for Deaf Adults  
Palestine/Israel Al Salam (Peace) Sports Club for persons with disabilities  
Palestine/Israel Voices society for the rights of persons with intellectual disability  
Palestine/Israel General Union of Disabled People - Bethlehem branch  
Palestine/Israel Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs in Jenin Governorate  http://www.pcs-palestine.org
Palestine/Israel Basma Society for Culture and Arts www.basmaorg.org
Palestine/Israel Deir Al-Balah Rehabilitation Society www.dbrsp.org
Palestine/Israel Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitatiom Rehabilitation–CBR South www.cbrsouth.org
Palestine/Israel Palestine Red Crescent Society – CBR Central  
Palestine/Israel National Society for Rehabilitation – CBR Gaza www.gnsr.org
Palestine/Israel Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center www.sabeel.org
Palestine/Israel Project Loving Care Society/Mother Establishment of the Saraya Center for Community Service www.alsaraya-center.org
Palestine/Israel General Union of Disabled Palestinians-Jenin branch  
Palestine/Israel Palestinian Medical Relief Society- Farah Center  
Palestine/Israel Al-Haq www.alhaq.org
Palestine/Israel BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights www.badil.org
Palestine/Israel Al Mezan Centre For Human Rights


Palestine/Israel Voices Society for the Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disability  
Palestine/Israel One potential new partner  
Palestine/Israel Palestine Medical Relief Society-CBR Nablus  
Palestine/Israel Palestinian Medical Relief Society-CBR Jenin and Nablus  
Palestine/Israel Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights www.saintyves.org
Palestine/Israel Saint Yves  
Palestine/Israel Rawan Association for Child Development  www.rawan.ps
Palestine/Israel Arab Counseling Center for Education www.pcc-jer.org
Palestine/Israel Women's Affairs Technical Committee www.watcpal.org
Palestine/Israel Tamer Institute for Community Education www.tamerinst.org
Palestine/Israel Al-Nayzak for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation R.A. www.alnayzak.org/en
Palestine/Israel Physicians for Human Rights-Israel www.phr.org.il
Palestine/Israel Yes Theatre for Communication among Youth www.yestheatre.org
Palestine/Israel Alternative Information Center www.alternativenews.org
Palestine/Israel The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music ncm.birzeit.edu/en
Palestine/Israel B'Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories www.btselem.org
Palestine/Israel Kerem Navot (Naboth's Vineyard)  
Palestine/Israel Jerusalem Center for disabled children- Princess Basma www.basma-centre.org
Palestine/Israel Birzeit University www.birzeit.edu
MENA regional partner Permanent Peace Movement www.ppm-lebanon.org