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Diakonia supports organizations working with human rights, especially the ones focusing on the rights of women and indigenous people. The Nicaragua program has also started initiatives aiming at addressing issues concerning humanitarian aid and climate change effects.

9/24/2013 Publisher: Francisca Araica

Widespread poverty

Nicaragua is located in the centre of Central America. In 2012, the country showed modest economic growth of between 3-4 per cent. However, according to UNDP's Human Development Index, it maintains its place at number 129 (of 187 nations), and is considered one of the three poorest countries in Latin America.

There has been improvements in social and economic rights for the majority of the country's poorest, according to the Government's data and its social policy. However, in the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast, a multiethnic region where Diakonia concentrates its efforts, 12 out of 19 municipalities are in conditions of extreme poverty.

Human rights

Diakonia focuses its support on the defense and protection of human rights through partners specialized in legal matters, giving extra attention to the rights of women and the collective rights of indigenous peoples from the Caribbean coast. 

Women's rights

The protection of the specific rights of women is a priority subject that has been incorporated into Diakonia's and our partner organizations agendas, and it has been visualized during the last few years in campaigns for the restitution of therapeutic abortion rights, and in the initiatives for prevention of violence towards women.

During 2012, three of Diakonia's partner organizations led a campaign at the national level within the area of women's rights and the prevention of violence. Partly through their work, a comprehensive law regarding violence against women was approved.

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