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DR Congo

Diakonia and its partner organizations in the Demcoratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) aim to promote democracy, human rights and gender equality. Diakonia supports the vibrant civil society in the DRC, with special emphasis on capacity building.

10/29/2014 Publisher: Brigitte Iyeli

Cooperation all over the DRC

Diakonia works with partner organizations operating in different parts of the DRC, focusing on women's development and women's rights, as well as democracy and human rights.

Capacity building of civil society

One of Diakonia's main focuses in the DRC is to manage capacity building with our partner organizations. The capacity building involves mainstreaming of gender related issues, strenthening of project planning processes, finance and administration, democratic governance and lobbying techniques.

Examples of progress for women and children

Through Diakonia and its partner organizations' work, the results achieved indicates increased awareness among the citizens about their rights, the creation of local groups organized around important issues affecting a community and also the creation of forums of dialogue between the local population and authorities.

Among other projects, Diakonia supports our partner AFEM/SK (Association des Femmes des Médias du Sud-Kivu) that provide women with a chance to learn about their rights through radio programmes. AFEM-SK also empowers women to speak openly about the widespread violence and abuse they are subjected to.

Through legal information and support to victims of human rights abuses, a major progress is the legalization of customary marriage at the birth registration, which enables women and children to be officially recognized and fully benefit from their rights.

Increased opportunity for dialogue 

A goal for Diakonia's programme on democracy and governance in the DRC has been to initiate forums for popular expression and other forums for dialogue. This has resulted in increased possibilities for populations to hold members of parliament and other authorities accountable at the local level. It has also resulted in an increased demand for, and pressure on, local authorities to respect human rights.

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