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The al-haj Ahmed family in the refugee camp in Lebanon. The al-haj Ahmed family in the refugee camp in Lebanon.

Senior Legal Expert/Desk Manager - Lebanon

Do you want to join us as we strive for a just and righteous world? Now we are looking for a Senior Legal Expert/Desk Manager to set up a International humanitarian Law (IHL) Resource Desk in Lebanon.


The Senior Legal Expert/Desk Manager is a new position responsible for setting up the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Resource Desk in Lebanon for Syria consisting of a team of 4-5 staff.

The IHL Resource Desk is part of Diakonia’s new global programme with IHL Resource Desks for a number of countries. The position offers a unique opportunity to combine legal advise, capacity building and support, with varied management tasks in relation to setting up and managing the IHL Resource Desk for Syria in close collaboration with the Global IHL Advisor/Programme Manager and the Country Manager for Lebanon.

The Senior Legal Expert/Desk Manager is responsible for implementation, monitoring and reporting. The Senior Legal Expert/Desk Manager mentors IHL Resource Desk staff, leads the legal analysis, drafts legal briefs and reports, holds legal briefings, presentation and trainings together with the IHL Resource Desk team, and liaises with a range of strategic partners.

Description of tasks

Develops research plans for the IHL Resource Desk and conducts legal research, analysis and reports.

Produces legal briefs and holds legal briefings, presentations and trainings.

Supports and develops trainings, especially related to mainstreaming IHL into policy and practice.

Participate in internal peer review of legal and advocacy materials;

Liaise, network and collaboration with strategic actors.

Draft and update IHL Resource Desk programme document, annual work plans and budgets for the IHL Resource Desk.

Coordinate dialogue and external communications in close collaboration with Global IHL Advisor/Programme Manager and Country Manager;

Represent the Diakonia IHL Resource Desk at senior level in the country, including with head of UN agencies and NGOs engaged on IHL, and the diplomatic community engaged on IHL.

Maintain and build relationships with existing and potential donors in close collaboration with Global IHL Advisor/Programme Manager and Country Manager.

Responsible to follow up on the IHL Resource Desk result, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and collect lessons learnt and best practices.

Overall responsible for the grant management and oversight of budgeting, financial reporting and audit of the IHL Resource Desk.

Manage and participate in IHL Resource Desk recruitment processes in close collaboration with the country manager.


Analytical and strategic skills

Drafting and reporting skills

Monitoring skills

Strategy, programme management and programme development skills

Communication and peoples skills

Team leader and human resource skills

Dialogue and networking skills

Resource Mobilization skills

Excellent English skills


Law degree with specialization in International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

Ten years of combined management, legal, advocacy and diplomatic experience.

Experience of working at the field level in crisis/post-crisis countries;

Experience from working with IHL with a gender perspective, or if not an explicit commitment to learn and implementing a gender perspective.


Experience working with civil society organizations.

Experience from working in the Middle East.

Knowledge of Arabic.

Position posted in: Diakonia Country Office, Beirut, Lebanon.

Period of time: Post with fixed term contract.

Planned starting time: as soon as possible.

Please send your CV and Personal Letter in English to applications@diakonia.se no later than May 5th.