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Consultancy for baseline study in Uganda

Diakonia in Uganda is seeking competent consultants to undertake a baseline survey to benchmark results and targets. Applications are no longer accepted. 


A baseline survey for the Diakonia Uganda country programme

In July 2015, Diakonia in Uganda started to implement the third programme phase with support from the Embassy of Sweden/Sida whose overall objective is “Enhancing civic activism for human rights, gender justice and social accountability". 

Three main intervention areas

The work is undertaken in Karamoja, Acholi, Lango and Teso regions of Uganda. The three year programme mainly focuses on these intervention areas:

Human rights and democratic governance

Gender equality

Strengthening CSOs capacities

About the consultancy

In light of this, Diakonia is commissioning a baseline survey to benchmark the programme results and targets that will be used to measure progress towards realization of programme results.

The baseline report will inform Diakonia’s programming decisions and determine the benchmarks for programme monitoring, evaluation and control overtime.