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Diakonia's funds 2014 - charts

The charts gives a brief overview of Diakonia's finances in 2014. Detailed information is found in Diakonia's audited annual report.

6/22/2015 Publisher: Krister Adolfsson

1) 93 per cent for operations in 2014

How Diakonia’s funds were spent n 2014.

2) Use of operational funds

The chart shows how Diakonia used its operational funds in 2014.

3) Operational funds divided per region

The chart shows Diakonia's operational funds divided per region in 2014.

4) External subsidies in 2014, total: 412 848 TSEK

In 2014, the grants from Sida's Unit for Support to Civil Society (Civsam) was 156 536 TSEK and grants from Swedish embassies were 158 132 TSEK of the total 412 848 TSEK.

5) Fundraising, individual donors, in 2014, total: 36 832 TSEK

The result of Diakjonia's fundraising among individual donors in Sweden in 2014.