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Tendering for external evaluation

The objective of the evaluation is to ensure the relevance of the Management model for the strengthening of actors and transformative processes for a democratic Guatemala, free from corruption and discrimination, 2019-2023.


Diakonia is a Swedish non-governmental organization for international cooperation, created by various Christian congregations more than 50 years ago. Diakonia currently cooperates with about 350 civil society organizations in 25 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. The headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. The regional office for Latin America is in Bogotá and the Guatemala office is in Guatemala City. Together with our partners, Diakonia is part of a global network that works for a sustainable change for the most vulnerable people in the world. Diakonia's vision is a just, equal and sustainable world.


Diakonia's cooperation with civil society organizations in Guatemala has been carried out for several years, using a traditional management approach based on the logical framework. The lessons learned have shown that this type of management is useful in stable political contexts that allow to foresee transformations that lead to strengthening the rule of law, democracy and the development of the country. However, it is inefficient and irrelevant to meet the needs and demands of civil society actors in contexts of high uncertainty, such as those that currently characterize Guatemala.

With conventional management, frequent programmatic difficulties limit the possibilities of supporting temporary strategic organizations and initiatives. This is due to the simple fact that they must be inserted into a predefined logical framework, with static problem analysis in time and space. In order to overcome these limitations and maintain the pertinent cooperation with the country's scenarios, Diakonia Guatemala has implemented a new agile and flexible management model of permanent update. This model is called Management model for the strengthening of transformative actors and processes for a democratic Guatemala, free from corruption and discrimination.

The model is financed by funds from the Swedish Embassy in Guatemala and funds from the support to Civil Society in Sweden known as CIVSAM funds.

Objectives and scope of the evaluation

The model was implemented in June 2019. The first 30 months have passed. Diakonia thus considers it convenient to integrate a mid-term and real-time evaluation process during the implementation. This is to identify learnings that will lead to adaptations and consolidation of the management model.

The objective of the evaluation is to ensure the relevance of the management model to the context of the country, the dynamics and agenda of civil society organizations. This implies evaluating the design and applicability of the management model during the implementation process, identifying strengths, weaknesses, methods and new and innovative mechanisms that help consolidating the model. Likewise, identifying the results achieved in the five social processes during the period from July 2019 to December 2021, based on the theories of change built specifically for each one, this aspect constitutes an intermediate evaluation of the management model.

The evaluation does not seek to evaluate the individual work of the partner organizations. The focus should be on the applicability of the design of the management model during the elapsed time (July 20219-December 2021) and the remaining period (until December 2023). In addition, the evaluation will identify the results achieved in social processes during the period July 2019 to December 2021.

Time frame and tender submission

The evaluation will have two modalities: a midterm evaluation and a real-time evaluation. It will cover a time horizon of 4.5 years. The midterm evaluation covers the period July 2019 to December 2021, and the evaluation in real time covers the period January 2022 to December 2023. In April 2024 a final report of the evaluation of the management model is expected.

The contracting of the services will be carried out as a selective tender in accordance with the Diakonia's Procurement Guidelines and will follow the procedures outlined in the Terms of Reference included in the dossier attached below.

The tender must include: technical and financial offer, CV of the interested person and team, and examples of similar products, among other documents indicated in the dossier attached below. The submission deadline of the tender is Monday December 6, 2021 until 16:30 Guatemala time.

The consultant team is expected to start the services on February 8, 2022.

The documents should be uploaded to the link specified in the dossier, and a copy must be sent to sotero.sincal@diakonia.se and martin.martinez@diakonia.se. The subject of the email should be: Evaluación Externa Diakonia. Nothing should be sent by physical mail.

The tender must be submitted in Spanish. The Executive summary of maximum 5 sheets must be in English and Spanish.

For further instructions and information, please see the attached dossier. For questions regarding the procurement, please contact sotero.sincal@diakonia.se or martin.martinez@diakonia.se.

Download and read the dossier (in Spanish)

Dossier - Evaluation of agile management model Guatemala