Diakonia - People change the world
Dancers from Condoco Dance company perform in Jerusalem. The company is one of the thirteen dance companies who participated in Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival. Photo: Elia Association for Youth/Jerusalem

Opening the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival

The Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, which Diakonia supported, was highly praised when its opening that took place. The success was in large part thanks to the efforts of Sareyyet Ramallah NGO and its work to include persons with many kinds of disabilities.

Going the extra mile

Sarreyyet Ramallah has broken the norms, planned and implemented the slogan of its Contemporary Dance Festival which is “Natural Differences”. It has embarked in preparing its facilities to access the disabled, and the opening event came to ensure the idea that the disabled are present within the community; they have rights and should be treated equally as their normal peers. For example, First Ramallah group contracted an expert translator for the deaf who was present at the opening event.

Highest percentage of people with disabilities

This is a great initiative that should be highlighted, carried on and developed so that the disabled obtain their rights in participation and integration within the society. The need for the government to consider the rights of people with disabilities in Palestine is therefore crucial, especially since the percentage of people with disabilties is estimated as the highest worldwide.

People with disabilities have capabilities

People with disabilities are not individuals with special needs; they are capable and can achieve change if they wish to. This group needs acceptance and not compassion for who they are. Therefore, we must always remember that being different is normal.