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More than a million people gathered at the streets of Bogotá to show their support for the Colombian peace process during the march for peace. Photo: Movice

Marcha por la paz - Peace march in Colombia

On April 9th, over a million people marched in Colombia's capital Bogotá to demand peace and social justice. Several municipalities gave their employees and school children a day off to participate. Diakonia and several of our partner organization's participated to support for the cause.

Lina Erazo from Diakonia was there

One of the more than one million people who were at the peace demonstration was Lina Erazo from Diakonia Regional Office in Colombia. She was amazed by the demonstration: "I believe that we all became united in our motivation for conflict resolution and peace in Colombia".

Encouraged by the president

The demonstration was put together by a variety of social organizations and government agencies. Even the Colombian president urged Colombians to participate in order to support the peace negotiations that is currently being conducted in Cuba. Many citizens are hoping for an end to the armed conflict that has lasted for decades between the militias, guerrillas and the military.

The Colombian people want peace

The demonstration shows that the peace process has popular support, which many see as a key factor in order for the negotiations to reach a result. Gloria Cala, who participated in the march, points out that the most important thing in the demonstration was the diversity of people participating. "We have had many major demonstrations in Bogotá. This was different. Normally, each group in society demonstrates separately. Now we went together, families and victims of the violence from the state' and the guerrilla. It gives me hope," says Gloria Cala.