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Children targeted for emergency relief in Gaza participate in drawing sessions in which they will learn how to tell stories through drawings.

Focusing on persons with disabilities after the Gaza war

After the humanitarian crisis in Gaza in 2012, Diakonia supported several of our partner organizations to apply to the Emergency Response Fund from the UN body OCHA. The proposal was accepted, and funds were granted for a project relating to psycho-social support for traumatized persons with disabilities and their families.

Five partner organizations run the project

The approved project includes a series of psycho-social activities, entrainment activities as well as some skills on how to deal with emergencies after events such as those in Gaza. The activities and the project management are monitored and implemented by Diakonia's partner organization National Society for Rehabilitation in cooperation with Future Society for Deaf Adults, Youth Empowerment Center, Tamer Institute for Community Education, Basma Society for Culture and Arts and in coordination with the Ministry of Education and the Civil Defence Department.

Fundraising in Gaza: Between November 2012 and April 2013, Diakonia made a national fundraising call in Sweden in support of those affected by the war in Gaza. As a result of the fundraising, 200 000 SEK (roughly 32 000 US Dollars) was raised to support the project partly financed by OCHA. We thank all those taking part in the fundraising for their important contribution!

Targets 200 people with disabilities

The project will be implemented between February and June 2013, and will target 200 individuals who were injured during the war whether they already were disabled or became disabled as a result of the war.

For example, Future Society for Deaf Adults will through this project examine the hearing capabilties of the targeted group. Tamer Institute for Community Education and Basma Society for Culture and Arts will implement drawing sessions for participants in which they will learn how to tell stories through drawings so as to create a field where discussion, active participation and creative thinking are present.

Another target group: students

Apart from the above mentioned activities, the project will target 236 students from Al-Rafii School for Deaf Adults who will benefit from the training courses held by the Civil Defence Department regarding safety and security awareness procedures during wars and crisis. Students with hearing disabilities will be provided with a CD which contains sign language translation for the needed procedures of safety and security. This will be done to further learn from the experiences from November 2012, to make sure that the students will process the conflict the best way possible.