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During the Mae Son fire at TBC's refugee camps on the border bwteen Myanmar and Thaliand, many houses and warehouses burnt down. Photo: The Border Consortium

Devastating fire in the TBC camp kills 32

Site #2 in the TBC camp, located on the border between Myanmar/Burma and Thailand, was devastated by fire on the 22nd of March 2013, killing at least 32 people and leaving about 3 000 people without housing. The fire broke out in section 2, the Ban Mae Surin camp, around 15.15 local time and rapidly spread to section 4. It was brought under control around 17.30.


32 killed, 4 injured and 3,000 without housing

32 people living in the camp Ban Mae Surin have been killed by the fire, 400 houses are completely destroyed - which means that about 3,000 people are left with no housing. Four people are reported badly injured. A warehouse, clinic, nursery and a church are also destroyed. This is reported to Diakonia by Sally Thompson, who is the director of The Border Consortium, TBC.

The camp Ban Mae Surin is the home for about 3,400 people, the majority of them are Karen. 50 percent of the population in this camp are under the age of 18.

The TBC camps are the home of 150,000 refugees

TBC provides about 128 000 refugees from Myanmar/Burma with food, shelter and engages them in income generating activities, trainings and educational activities etc.

TBC also works with advocacy to change the root causes to why people are forced to leave their homes.