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The Swedish climate ambassador Anna Lindstedt met with Diakonia and our partner organization Agua Sustentable to discuss Bolivia's climate challenges.

Diakonia part of future climate strategies in Bolivia

On the 7th of February, Diakonia's representative in Bolivia, along with leaders of our partner organization Agua Sustenable, met with the Swedish ambassador for climate change, Anna Lindstedt. Together, they discussed possible partnerships in tackling climate change in Bolivia.


Visit due to Bolivia's climate engagement

Ambassador Anna Lindstedt has specifically visited Bolivia because of how notorious and engaged the Bolivian delegation had been at the recent COP meeting in Doha, Qatar, something Diakonia's representatives were a part of.

With this regard, Diakonia and Agua Sustentable told the ambassador of their project “Adapting to Climate Change in Andean Communities depending on Tropical Glaciers”. The project has managed to merge ancient and traditional knowledge of indigenous people in the Andes with science and research brought by Agua Sustentable concerning climate change. In addition, several strategies to tackle climate change and melting glaciers have been discovered by local villagers; several of these are to be implemented through support from local municipalities.

Future work related to climate change

Ann Stödberg from the Swedish Embassy in Bolivia, who also participated in the meeting, informed Diakonia and Agua Sustenable of the five year agreement between Sida and the Bolivian state regarding climate change. The strategy is slated to be finished in December 2013, and Diakonia and Agua Sustentable were invited to comment on the first draft of the strategy.

Diakonia was also asked to continue to work with the embassy and Sida, locally and in Sweden. Furthermore, there were strong suggestions to link Swedish universities and other actors in Sweden to Diakonia, to improve Diakonia's and our partner organizations existing work on climate issues.