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Bangladesh: BLAST leads case against Rana Plaza owners

Diakonia's partner organization BLAST is active in the court case against the owners of the Rana Plaza, which collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 24th of April. In relation to this, BLAST has released a press statement, demanding justice for the victims of the tragedy.

Accountability and justice

Together with other civil society organizations, Diakonia's partner organization BLAST demands through a court case in the High Court that the owners of Rana Plaza must be held accountable for the disaster in Dhaka. In doing so, the organisations lobby for the investigation and prosecution of those responsible, as well as the compensation for the families of the deceased workers and for the survivors that were rescued from the rubble.

Frozen accounts

After the disaster in Savar, the High Court imposed a restriction on withdrawal and transfer of money for the owners of Rana Plaza as well as the owners of the factories operating there. This is an important action, as it will allow more victims to get acceptable compensations for the devastation that the collapse of Rana Plaza has caused.

Ongoing process

The High Court case regarding the tragedy at Rana Plaza will be continued by BLAST and the other organizations involved in the process. Their hope is to ensure that the thousands of people affected by the tragedy will get the the compensation that they deserve.

Read BLAST's press release

Read the press release issued by BLAST 162 KB PDF