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Children with several special needs and disabilities were represented at the West Bank song festival.

Song festival for children with special needs

At the West Bank, the ministry of education held a two hours festival on the 19th of November to honor six schools that have won the competition of using music as a tool in education for teachers and students with special needs. Diakonia is one of the organizations behind the ministry’s initiative.


During the festival, schools who won the competition presented on-stage performances showing how music can be using in studying different subjects like languages and mathematics. The songs also portrayed how children with disabilities and special needs must be considered in all forms of education.

The Inclusive Education project

The initiative from the ministry of education stems from the Inclusive Education project. The purpose of the project, which Diakonia has helped initiating, is to educate teachers in different schools of the West Bank to be trained on using music as a tool in teaching students with special needs. The project was initiated by a study conducted by Diakonia, where methods of reaching out to children with special needs was researched.