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Issam Younis at Diakonia's partner organization Al Mezan, invites President Abbas to come to Gaza. Photo: Aida Burnett-Cargill

Abbas, we are waiting for you in Gaza, says Issam Younis at Al Mezan

Diakonia and our partner organizations are deeply concerned about the situation in Gaza and Israel. We call on all parties to protect civilians in order to prevent a humanitarian disaster. Below an open letter from our partner organization Al Mezan's director Issam Younis to President Mahmoud Abbas, written on November 19th 2012:

This is the historic moment that must be taken up. We’ve waited for you in Gaza for six days. We’re still waiting; your people who are being attacked and slaughtered in Gaza. It is not acceptable anymore –no matter what those surrounding you make it look like to you – that you do not come. I do not invite you to shows olidarity with Gaza, but to be in Gaza and with Gaza.

We are waiting in Gaza for you and all the secretary-generals of Palestinian parties. The advocates of divide can stay back in Ramallah. This scandalous schism must end now and here; the schism that made your people bleed. The Palestinian national platform must be restored and Palestinian strive for freedom must be agreed on by all. It is our engagement with the occupation that we must magnify; politically, legally, and diplomatically.

We are waiting for you to come. I am sure you will call the Arab leaders, by whose visits we will be honored; including Morsi and Abdulla, to be part of the historic event that is ending the intra-Palestinian divide from Gaza and in Gaza.

We are waiting to know that you have ordered PLO diplomats in Geneva, New york, Vienna, and Paris; all UN HQ’s, to immediately act to convene the UN General Assembly, Human Rights Council, UNESCO and others to condemn the crimes perpetrated against our people in Gaza, and do all they can to secure that these crimes be investigated and punished. It is regrettable we have not so far seen any meaningful diplomatic effort that matches the size of blood and suffering in Gaza.

We are waiting for the orders to our veteran diplomats to get on fire and approach the European Union and other powers to mobilize the most needed pressure on the occupying state.

I will be waiting for you on Rafah Crossing. With me will be hundreds and thousands of your people. No matter how harsh the strikes will be on us, we will be there.