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Call for action regarding disability in Gaza

In November, the people of Gaza have lived under constant threat due to the conflict in the region. International agencies working with disability in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) now calls for action to ensure the well-being of a forgotten group in the conflict; people with disabilities.

Specific and diverse needs

The World Health Organization estimates that of the 1.6 million inhabitants in Gaza, around 15 per cent live with some form of disability. These 15 per cent percent have, as well as the needs of the regular citizen, specific needs including medical and support services, both which have been affected by the ongoing conflict.

International organization, including Diakonia, that work in the field are concerned about the situation at hand, with special emphasis on people with new injuries and the capacity of rehabilitation services in the area.

Call for action

Due to the difficult situation, the international agencies call for two general actions in order to ensure equal rights and non discrimination towards this group. The international organizations calls upon national and international relief actors to:

Ensure that Article 11 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is followed. This includes protecting these citizens in crisis situations, which have arisen during November.

Ensure that people with disabilities have immediate access to all humanitarian interventions in the Gaza Strip. This inlcudes protection, health and nutrition as well as psychosocial support.