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Climate change: Diakonia urges Poland to show leadership

As a member of ACT Alliance, Diakonia on May 30th handed over an open letter to the Polish Minister for environment, who was visiting Sweden. The letter contains a request for Prime Minister Donald Tusk to show leadership and combat climate change.

Poland the only EU-state saying no to the climate roadmap

Poland must join the rest of the EU members in supporting the European Commission’s "Roadmap for Moving to a Competitive Low Carbon Economy by 2050". The roadmap was presented in March, and was then endorsed by all EU member states except Poland. This halted the progress of the roadmap.

The EU must increase its ambition: The current EU greenhouse gas reduction target for 2020 is well below what science indicates is required from Europe. The EU needs to increase this to at least 30% of domestic emissions by 2020. Increasing the target for 2020 is also the first step towards the EU’s fair share in the global mitigation efforts to tackle global warming.

EU Enviroment Council meets on June 11th

Diakonia and many other civil society organizations all over the world are hoping that Polen will change its position before the The EU Environment Council has its meeting on June 11. Diakonia and ACT Alliance believe that the EU plans for increasing its climate ambitions would have been "a truly encouraging move that would play a significant role in curbing climate change". Climate scientists recommend that cuts of at least 25-40 percent within that timeframe are necessary for stemming the climate crisis.

More letters: Similar messages to Poland have been sent from a variety of other ACT Alliance members in El Salvador, Kenya, Switzerland, Norway, India, Armenia, Denmark, South Africa, Angola, Tanzania and Finland.