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All the people above will be affected if Swedish aid is cut. Read about how below.

Swedish aid saves lives

Diakonia and many other Swedish organisations are now campaigning against the Swedish government's proposal to significantly cut Swedish aid to finance refugee costs in Sweden. Aid Saves Lives. All the people above carry their own story on how development aid made a difference for the people affected. Read their stories. 


Swedish aid supports indigenous people

- Without development aid it would be impossible to defend the rights of indigenous peoples in Paraguay. With Swedish aid Tierra Viva has given legal advice to communities to claim and re-gain their land. But the struggle continues. With Swedish aid we will consolidate the results achieved.

Diakonia’s partner organization, CASM, in Honduras, arranged a campaign in protest of the Swedish cut-backs. Representatives of the organization say they will get by without aid – but not yet!

- Without Swedish aid, the living conditions of many families will deteriorate and inequality will grow.

CASM arranged a campaign on the beach to protest against Swedish cutbacks in aid.

"Aid makes hope possible" in Sri Lanka 

In Sri Lanka Swedish aid makes it possible for partners at ground level, who are aware of the vulnerabilities of communities, to reach the most marginalised of the marginalised.

- In post-conflict societies, this means the victim-survivors, specifically including female headed households. It improves governance structures and holds states accountable for rights violations. Aid makes it possible for communities to re-build their lives, and tell their stories to the larger world, so that 'never again' becomes a reality and not a hidden story among victims living in hamlets and refugee camps. Aid makes hope possible, says Diakonia’s partner organisation Law and Trust Society.

- The channeling of aid to other sources will therefore leave these most marginalised without hope, and the partner agencies in the ground level, with fewer alternatives to help them. To take from one to give to another will not solve the problems of either.

Cambodia has changed thanks to Swedish aid

In Cambodia, over the last several years, Swedish aid has been integral to the unprecedented awakening of Cambodian civil society.

Swedish aid makes a difference in Cambodia

- Swedish aid has played an important role in increasing the capacity of civil society in numerous areas including, promotion of human and labor rights, increasing access to justice for women and children, strengthening the rule of law, empowering victims of land grabbing, combating corruption, and protecting Cambodia’s remaining forests. For the first time in Cambodia’s troubled history, Cambodians from all walks of life are joining hands in peaceful social movements and campaigns to demand government action and accountability, says several of Diakonia’s partner organisations in a joint statement.

People in Thailand will lose rights without funding

In Thailand, our partner organisation TLDF works with helping marginalised villagers on the Thai countryside to get citizenships. TLDF has a clear opinion on the impact that Swedish aid has provided the organisation's work with:

- With Swedish aid, we have been able to assist nearly 200 villagers to get Thai citizenship which we consider to be the most important step for tribal people who are dwelling in the remote border areas of the country. If funding is going to decrease or be cut, those people’s future legal status will be darkened and there is a risk that they will be pushed out from Thailand.

TLDF makes a difference through Swedish aid