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Meeting in Jenin Meeting with writers and poets in Jenin.Photo credit: Al-Baseera Forum for the blind and visually impaired/Jenin

Cultural meeting to include the disabled

Recently a meeting with writers and poets in Jenin was arranged to raise awareness on the importance of mainstreaming disability, and to know the extent of writers and poets’ interest in disability issues in Palestine. The meeting was arranged by Diakonia’s partner organization, Al-Baseera Forum for the Blind and visually impaired.


The meeting was held within the project “Towards Mainstreaming Disability in the cultural sector in Palestine” which is currently being implemented by, Al-Baseera Forum in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture. Director of Culture in Jenin; Mr. Izzat Abu Rubb highlighted the importance of the disabled involvement in the cultural movement and their participation in these kinds of meetings and gave a description about the role that the ministry of culture plays in serving and assisting the community without discrimination.

The inclusion of the disabled

Mr. Mu’een Mahajneh; a board member of Al-Baseera Forum described the project and its objective in addition to emphasizing the need to print the work in braille because people with visual disability have the right to benefit and look at the results of the work done by writers and poets. Moreover, Mr. Mahajneh ensured that writers and poets should stand by and support other writers and poets who are disabled. At the end of this meeting, recommendations were raised up and discussed by writers and poets for the sake of inclusion of the disabled in the cultural movement and in an aim to improve their living in different aspects but mainly the cultural one.

Aims to open a library for the blind

To follow up on the recommendations and to make sure that they are implemented, the forum continued its workshops and created a Facebook page for this initiative so that writers and poets can communicate and implement the recommendations. Additionally, it was agreed that each writer and poet provide the forum with a poem so that they are put together as a collection and printed in braille. Moreover, the forum is working to open the first library for the blind in the Northern part of the West Bank.

As a result of the successful work being implemented by Diakonia/NAD partner organization “Al-Baseera Forum for the Blind and visually impaired”; they were promised by the ministry of culture to have representation in the advisory council of the Ministry which plans and implements the cultural events in Jenin governorate.