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Diakonia and partners will be present at the UN meeting COP20 in Peru.

Lima climate change conference - COP20

The Lima climate change conference will take place in December 2014. At this UN meeting, named COP20, the world’s leaders will continue the negotiations for a new global climate agreement. Diakonia is the only Swedish development organization that has been approved observer status at the negotiations.


A new climate agreement

Global emissions of greenhouse gases continue to increase and people around the world are struggling to adapt to climate change. Within the UN, countries are trying to reach an agreement to reduce the emissions and support those affected by climate change.

Diakonia is on site in Lima, along with several partner organizations. We aim to make the poor people's needs and the right to development a central part of the next climate agreement.

Climate justice must play a leading role in a new climate agreement

To effectively combat climate change, there is a great need for a global climate agreement. According to the UN schedule, an agreement is to be decided at the COP21 meeting in Paris next year, iei.e. 2015. To achieve this several supporting agreements must be reached at COP20 in Lima. Diakonia and partners strive for that to happen – with the focus on climate justice.

The perspective of the poor

When governments are negotiating, the perspective of the poor is often overlooked. Diakonia and its partner organizations see the need to highlight the issues of climate justice and work to provide constructive suggestions.
We will also follow the negotiations closely and document how various countries act and what they say. Promises made must become known so that the world’s leaders can be held accountable.

Peoples’ summit on climate change

While the UN meeting held at a military base in Lima, a parallel meeting is held for grassroots organizations and other elements of civil society. Many of Diakonia's partner organizations and staff members from Diakonia offices in Latin America will be participating in the Peoples’ summit on climate change