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Do you want to work with us?

There are currently one open positions with Diakonia in Nairobi and one with Diakonia in Chiang Mai. There are also consultancy services open for applications.


Consultants - Zambia

Diakonia in Zambia has a call open for consultants to provide partner capacity building services in Zambia. Applications no later than September 30th. Read more about the consultancy and how to apply

Accounts officer - Nairobi

The position as accounts officer at the Diakonia regional office in Kenya (Nairobi) is open for applications until October 2nd. Read more about the position and how to apply here.

Consultancy in Uganda

Diakonia in Uganda is looking for competent consultants to undertake a baseline survey. Proposals should be sent no later than 2nd October 2015. Read more about the consultancy

Finance and administration officer - Chiang Mai

Diakonia in Asia is recruiting a regional finance and administration officer as part of its Asia Regional Office team. Last day for applications is October 7th.To the job advertisement

Kenya: Suppliers and service providers can apply for pre-qualification

Diakonia in Africa is inviting interested eligible suppliers and service providers (based in Kenya) to apply for pre-qualification for supply of various items and provision of various services. Applications no later than October 16th. Read more here