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From the left: Palestinian Prime Minister; Rami Al-Hamdallah and Mr. Sabeeh Al-Masri, the founder of “Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity” and the head of Palestine Telecom Group (PALTEL).

Head of Palestinian Al-Salam sports club for persons with disabilities wins a prize

In an event in Ramallah on May 7th, in the presence of the Palestinian prime minister, different individuals were honored for their excellence and creativity. On behalf of the disability sector, the president of Al-Salam sports club for persons with disabilities, which is one of Diakonia's recent partner organizations in Gaza; Mr. Mohammad Al-Arabi won the first prize.


Established the first sports club for persons with disabilities

Mr. Al-Arabi was selected for this prize due to the hard work he had done in Gaza for the past few years. In 2004, he successfully established the first sports club for persons with disabilities. Recently he published a booklet on the mechanisms of dealing with disabled children when it comes to sport activities.

Solar energy for wheel chairs

Moreover, Mr. Al-Arabi was the first one to think about a project for converting 21 wheelchairs from working by electricity to work by the solar system. His idea was a successful one, since it contributed in solving the problem of electricity cut offs which is happening daily in Gaza.

Board Members of Al-Salam Sports Club congratulated Mr. Al Arabi for this prize because it is considered an honor not only for him but to the club he is managing.

Not allowed to leave Gaza

Mr. Al-Arabi himself was not present in Ramallah on the day of the event, because he was not given a permit to exit Gaza.

In a message read to the participants he emphasized that the prize he won encouraged him to exert additional efforts to integrate people with disabilities in the Palestinian community.

Thanking the private sector for support

Mr. Al-Arabi thanked Palestine Telecom Group (PALTEL) and particularly Mr. Sabeeh Al-Masri for his attention to the disability sector in Palestine and the Arab world. He also asked for the assistance of the international organizations to show more interest in the sport sector when it comes to persons with disabilities.