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Diakonia Zambia receives support from SIDA

The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka has signed a three year contract of SEK 19,035,000 with Diakonia Zambia Country Office for implementation of the Strengthened Accountability in Zambia Programme.


Increased access to resources

The main objective of the programme is empowered rights holders that will have increased access to resources through engagement with corporate and public sectors will be implemented in the north western province of Zambia in the districts of Solwezi and Chavuma.

Five local partner organizations

Diakonia will work with five local partner organizations to implement this project: Caritas, Extractive Industries Transparency Alliance, Foundation for Democratic Process, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection and Youth Alliance for Development.

Expected outcomes

The following outcomes are expected to be achieved:

Targeted corporate sector acts in a transparent manner, is accountable to the rights holders and contributing to socio-economic justice in targeted districts of north western province.

Targeted local state authorities ensure that public resources are used in a transparent and accountable way and provide for community participation in planning and development processes in targeted districts of north western province. 

International institutions, national and local authorities ensure that the legal framework is enforced, respected and followed by the corporate sector, local state institutions and traditional leaders for transparent and accountable utilization of resources.

Partner organizations improve their internal and external systems and processes for internal democracy and effective implementation of their programmes.

Mainstreaming of gender and environment

The programme will mainstream gender and the environment considering the effect that investment has on women and the immediate environment.