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Diakonia signs “Charter for change”

Local organizations are often the first to respond in a disaster and their work is vital. Increasing funding and strengthening participation in humanitarian response for southern-based national actors and local NGOs is of outmost importance for an effective humanitarian response. Therefore Diakonia signs "Charter4Change".


Access to humanitarian funds are very limited for local organizations today. Globally only 0.2 pecent of the total humanitarian aid is channeled directly through local organizations..

- We know from experience that local organizations often are the first responder when a disaster happens. Yet these organizations are working with a very small part of the humanitarian funds. They, together with the local population are vital to strengthen local community capacity and resilience to withstand and manage future disasters of various kinds, says Linda Hammarberg, advisor humanitarian work.

Supporting local actors in their humanitarian work and ensure access to funds is an issue that many actors working intensely with  to be lifted on the agenda at the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit  in May 2016 in Istanbul.

"Charter4Change" is a joint commitment between a variety of organizations. By signing the organizations commit to implement eight points in the “Charter4change” in their work. For example to pass 20 per cent of humanitarian funding to National NGOs (NNGOs) and publish the amount or percentage of funding that is passed to NNGOs.

Read more about Charter4Change here.