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Diakonia joins global campaign for climate justice

Diakonia is joining the global Act Now for Climate Justice campaign. Climate change affects everyone but especially the most poor and vulnerable people. Please support the work for climate justice by signing the petition!


Our leaders must deliver fair and effective international climate action at a level adequate to stop catastrophic climate change while enabling the world’s poorest to continue to develop in a sustainable way. 

A new climate agreement

In December 2015 there is a climate conference in Paris (COP21) which is an important step in moving the world towards a low-carbon, resilient future. Ahead of this conference all countries will put forward their commitments, coming up with an agreement that provides the basis for global actions on climate change. We need an agreement that brings climate justice – stopping the catastrophic consequences of climate change and ensuring sustainable development for all.

Sign the petition!

In the campaign's petition we call on the world's leaders to cut carbon emissions drastically, and to help the world’s poorest to cope with the impacts of climate change while developing in a sustainable way.

We can’t do this alone. We need your help to take this message to your governments! Join us in our international call to action.

The campaign Act Now for Climate Justice is led by ACT Alliance, a coalition of more than 140 organisations and churches organisations working together in over 140 countries to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised people. Read more at www.actclimate.org