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We must pay attention to gender issues #everyday!

On 8 March we celebrate International Women's Day. This is an important day for paying attention to all the fantastic work that has been done throughout history and still is being done for the world to become more equal. But one day is not enough. We need to discuss and work for gender equality every day.


1 in 3 women across the world will experience physical violence from an intimate partner or sexual violence in their lifetime. 76 States have laws that criminalize and harass people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, and LGBTI persons are subjected to hate crimes all over the world. Globally, women make up just 22 per cent of parliamentarians.100 countries have laws that restrict the types of jobs that women can do. In 18 countries husbands can prevent their wives from accepting jobs. Only two per cent of aid to conflict-affected states in 2012 and 2013 targeted gender equality. The list of inequalities goes on.

- International Women's Day is a very important moment to celebrate the gender equality victories that have been won, and to remind ourselves and others that the fight continues. But one day is not enough – we need to be reminded every day, says Jenny Enarsson, gender advisor at Diakonia.

So we have created the campaign #everyday where we asked activists from our partner organisations to share why working with gender equality is important to them and what results they see from this work. (See below for some of the answers we received.) For the world to become gender equal, all this work that takes place every day around the world is absolutely necessary.

- These are the people and organizations who are at the forefront of this struggle. We stand with them today, on International Women's Day, tomorrow and every day.

Quotes from our partner organizations