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Disability monitor: a tool of accountability in Lebanon

Together with National Inclusion, Legal Agenda, and Diakonia, the Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union launched a complaints and monitoring system on Thursday 16th of May 2013, to ensure the rights of people with disability through monitoring and documenting violations.


Goal: Improving living conditions of people with disabilities

The launch of the monitoring tool comes 13 years after the Law 220 of 2000 that protects the rights of People with Disability in Lebanon. The goal with the tool is to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities by enhancing their rights with mechanisms that will ensure accountability.

The Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs, Abou Faour, expects the monitor to improve the government’s ability to protect the rights of people with disabilities. During the launch, he claimed that there are a lot of issues to be addressed in Lebanon at the moment, but the issue of disability should be tackled and the centers of the Social Affairs Ministry should be open to receive complaints.

Complaints system

Sameya Bou Hassan, The Monitor Coordinator of the process, described how the monitoring system functioned at the launch. The complaints system will be launched in centres linked to the Social Affairs Ministry, municipalities and civil society organizations. The system also includes a process to consolidate complaints from different locations and issue periodic reports on the rights of People with Disabilities. It will also be used to prepare national policies in the country regarding the rights of people with disabilities.

Furthermore, Bou Hassan added that the monitor will identify obstacles and difficulties that prevent People with Disabilities from achieving their civil rights.

How to use the mechanisms

People with Disabilities in Lebanon can relay their complaints by dialing the Social Affairs Ministry’s hotline, go online at www.disabilitymonitor.com or go through the complaints boxes found in Social Development Centers.

Diakonia is proud to be a part of this process, and look forward to see how the complaints mechanism will be used to strengthen the rights of People with Disabilities.