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Diakonia's deputy secretary general received a symbolic check from Rikard Sjöberg at the Swedish Postcode Lottery on February 20th 2014. Photo: Magnus Sandberg

Diakonia gets SEK 10 million from the Postcode Lottery

On February the 20th the Swedish Postcode Lottery announced that Diakonia will receive SEK 10 million in 2014. The money will be used to support several partner organizations, for advocacy in Sweden and the EU as well as for the further development of Diakonia's humanitarian work.


SEK 10 million in 2014

In 2014 Diakonia will receive SEK 10 million from the Postcode Lottery. The check was handed over to Diakonia on February 20th at a gala evening for the almost 50 CSOs in Sweden that are beneficiaries of the Lottery.

Thanks to the support provided by the Swedish Postcode Lottery, Diakonia and our partner organizations are able to undertake important development projects in several countries.

Important contribution in the long term development work

Partner organizations that will receive funding from Diakonia with the donation from the Swedish Postcode Lottery are:

AFEM in Kongo-Kinshasa

ATTOUS in Burkina Faso

BAFOPE in Kenya

CALDH in Guatemala

CEPREV in Nicaragua

Arc en Ciel in Lebanon

PARTNER in Bangladesh

Foundation of Child Understanding (FOCUS), Upland Holistic Development Project (UHDP), Development Center for Children Community and Network (DCCN) and The Mirror Foundation in Thailand - working in a joint project to support minorities' right to citizenship

Advocacy in Sweden and the EU

Parts of the funding from the Swedish Postcode Lottery will also be used for advocacy work in Sweden and the EU. The advocacy has its starting point in demands from Diakonia's more than 400 partner oragnizations in about 30 countries. Political decisions in Sweden and the Eu often put up barriers that prevent countries to develop and leave the poverty behind. 

The Postcode Lottery strengthens Diakonia's humanitarian work

Diakonia will also use some of the money from the Postcode Lottery to strengthen the humanitarian work. Resources will be put into, among other things: 

To further develop and clarify Diakonia's role and commitment in a humanitarian disaster

To strengthen the capacities of Diakonia staff members to work with humanitarian aid

To strengthen the capacity of strategic partner organizations that will be involved in future humanitarian work.