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Being accountable is about using power responsibly. In the process of HAP certification Diakonia has established formal routines for how stakeholders can hold us accountable. Jean Louis Diasso in Burkina Faso is part of the Diakonia partner organization ESOP. Photo: Ollivier Girard

Diakonia certified by HAP

As one of 18 organizations in the world, Diakonia has been certified by the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership, HAP. This shows that the organization demonstrates the highest level of quality and accountability throughout its work.


Process since 2009 involving all parts of Diakonia

HAP is the main self-regulatory body within the humanitarian sector. 

Diakonia became a member of HAP in 2009 and has since then taken important steps to comply with the HAP standard.

To become certified, Diakonia has gone through a process to document and proof the organization’s commitment to develop quality programmes that meet people’s needs and rights.

The certificate also proofs Diakonia’s commitment to transparency and that there are mechanisms in place to reduce the possibility for mistakes, abuse and corruption.

One of 18 organizations in the world that has recieved the HAP certificate

Having demonstrated compliance with the 2010 HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management through an extensive process of external auditing, Diakonia becomes the 18th organisation to undergo HAP certification.

"We are very proud to have recieved the HAP certificate. It is an important recognition of Diakonia as an actor in development aid. The certificate shows that Diakonia carries out its activities in a responsible way and that the stakeholders are truly participating and have the possibility to hold Diakonia accountable", says Diakonia's Secretary general Bo Forsberg. 

Participation and transparency are fundamental when striving for sustainable change, and these two key factors also reflect the basic principles of Diakonia's rights based approach and being a good donor and partner.

The 2010 HAP Standard

The 2010 HAP Standard places the rights holders, often crisis-affected people, at the heart of all Diakonia's decisions and actions.

The purpose of the HAP Standard is to help organisations design, implement, assess, improve and recognise accountable programmes. It outlines the policies, processes, procedures and practices that an organisation needs in order to be accountable to crisis-affected communities.

The 2010 HAP Standard is comprised of six HAP benchmarks, 

To HAP's website and more information about the 2010 standard