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Diakonia's annual report now available

During 2012, Diakonia together with our partner organizations worked hard in our respective focus areas. What we achieved and how we did it is now avaliable to read in our annual report for 2012, named "Changemakers".



People changing the world is the motto of Diakonia and shows how we cooperate with local partner organizations. We believe in the power of people coming together to fight for justice and their human rights. With this foundation, the annual report of 2012 features changemakers from all of Diakonia's regions, who in their own ways make important contributions to their communities in advancing its rights.


The audited annual report also shows how Diakonia has used the funds provided by back donors and private donors, and the division of where the funds have been used and how. It also provides a presentation of how much funds each focus area has received during the year.

Download the annual report

Download Diakonia's annual report from 2012 2152 KB PDF