A child passes by a dredger with rubble in the background.
Israel-Palestine: training and events

IHL Training Series for the Diplomatic Community

1 September 2021

The Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre Jerusalem organises a training series for the diplomatic community on international humanitarian law.

The aim of this training series is to equip participants with a foundational understanding of the international legal framework applicable in armed conflicts and situations of occupation, with a strong focus on international humanitarian law (IHL). This series is specifically tailored to the needs of members of the diplomatic community working in the context of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). It addresses select humanitarian issues of particular relevance in the context and discusses how international law applies to these issues. This includes assessment of various legal positions, relating to the scope, content and interpretation of international law applicable in the context.

This in-depth training on key thematic topics will familiarize participants with the protections guaranteed in the law that have direct consequences for the issues they work on and equip them with legal literacy sufficient to inform their engagement with various partners and stakeholders in the context, at capital level, and at international and regional levels.

The training series consists of six two-hour sessions, that will be conducted in-person and online. For the first session that will be conducted in person, full details will be communicated in due course.


Session 1 – Introduction to international law and its relevance in the oPt

Session 2 – Public order and civil life in the occupied territory and core protections for its inhabitants

Session 3 – Use of force: Law enforcement and conduct of hostilities

Session 4 – Population transfers, land and property in the occupied territory

Session 5 – Access and movement restrictions and fragmentation of people and territory

Session 6 – Implementation and measures for accountability


The registration for this round has been closed, If you are interested in participating in the next training series for the diplomatic community, please email us at jerusalem-ihl@diakonia.se for further information.

There are no costs for the training series.