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Diakonia in the Middle East/North Africa

Diakonia works in Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), Egypt and Israel. We also run regional programmes for children's literature and for rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

  • Egypt

    Diakonia has identified women, youth, children at risk and people with disabilities as the most vulnerable groups in Egypt. Together with our partner organizations, Diakonia supports the struggling democratization and reform processes at the national and local levels. Diakonia in Egypt
  • Israel and Palestine (oPt)

    Diakonia works together with about 40 organizations in Palestine (oPt) and Israel. We strengthen civil society by, for example, bringing Palestinian and Israeli organizations together, assisting them in finding ways to work for a peaceful solution to the conflict in the region. Engaging in humanitarian efforts, as well as the promotion and monitoring of human rights and international humanitarian law are other important areas of work. Diakonia in Israel and Palestine (oPt)
  • Lebanon

    Democracy, human rights and gender equality are in focus for the long term development work. Diakonia's partner organizations have their offices in Beirut, but work at different levels and reach out to many different groups. Diakonia in Lebanon
  • Children's literature - regional programme

    The ultimate goal for the Regional Children's literature programme is to enhance children's imagination, creativity and critical thinking through reading and creative writing, research, animation and use of social media. Children's literature - regional programme
  • Disability Rights Programme

    With its regional programme for community based rehabilitation and inclusive education, Diakonia plays an important role alongside civil society and disabled people's organizations to advance the process of inclusion. Rehabilitation - regional programme