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Diakonia supports civil society organizations working with the promotion, defence and protection of human rights, with a special focus on the rights of women, young people, indigenous people and Afro-descendants. In Nicaragua Diakonia has strengthened its work on gender equality by addressing gender-based violence and on social and economic justice through the economic empowerment of women.

Nicaragua is located in the middle of Central America with coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. According to UNDP’s Human Development Index 2015, the country ranks 125 (of 188 nations), and is considered one of the poorest countries in Latin America. However, due to its macroeconomic indicators, it is considered a middle-income country.

There have been improvements in social and economic rights for the majority of the country’s poorest people, according to the Government’s data and its social policy. However, on the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast, a multi-ethnic region where Diakonia concentrates its efforts, 12 out of 19 municipalities are in conditions of extreme poverty.

Women’s rights - a priority focal point

Diakonia focuses its support on the promotion, defence and protection of human rights through partner organizations specialised in legal matters, devoting extra attention to the rights of women, young people and the collective rights of indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants from the Caribbean coast. The protection of the rights of women is a priority subject that has been incorporated into Diakonia’s and our partner organizations’ agendas, and it has been shown in the initiatives to prevent violence against women.

Aiming at sustainable development

Diakonia’s work addresses the problem of gender-based violence through its focus on gender equality. It is also working to generate greater respect for sexual and reproductive rights, as well as for the rights of LGBTI people. Another priority is Diakonia’s work to achieve social and economic justice, mainly through economic empowerment of women and by focusing on sustainable development.

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