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Diakonia in Asia

In Asia, Diakonia cooperates with partner organizations in Bangladesh, Myanmar/Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The common goal for our work is to fight against poverty, strengthen gender equality and be a part of processes where the most vulnerable and exposed people have the opportunity to conquer a just and dignified life.

  • Bangladesh

    Diakonia operates in partnership with NGOs in Bangladesh, increasing awareness and respect for human rights and improving access to social and economic resources. Diakonia and our partner organizations work mostly in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Diakonia in Bangladesh
  • Cambodia

    In Cambodia Diakonia supports a variety of local and national NGOs, with a strong focus on human rights, democracy and land rights. Some are large and well-known national NGOs located in the capital Phnom Penh, while other are provincial NGOs geographically located in rural areas. Diakonia in Cambodia
  • Myanmar

    For over 20 years, Diakonia has been supporting humanitarian and development programmes both inside the country and at the Thailand-Myanmar border. Diakonia’s partners are working in some of the most difficult and conflict-ridden conditions in the country. Strengthening civil society is a key focus. Diakonia in Myanmar
  • Sri Lanka

    Diakonia and our partner organizations in Sri Lanka aim to strengthen civil society and empower marginalized people. Our partners also promote and defend human rights, equality and support socio-economic justice. Diakonia in Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

    In Thailand, Diakonia supports a variety of local partner organizations with a special focus on human rights and the question of identity and citizenship. Specifically, the beneficiaries are ethnic minority groups in the north and refugees from Myanmar/Burma. Diakonia in Thailand