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Israel: B'Tselem wins award for best documentary

The Israeli organization B'Tselem has received The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum Award for the project "Armed with Cameras". The project has been funded in part by Diakonia.


Produced by volunteers

The project Armed with Cameras' method is just like it sounds - it is a project where people are equipped with cameras to record what is happening around them. For example, the film that won the award was produced ​​by three volunteers in B'Tselem, providing a personal view of how everyday life looks at the Green Line, Israeli borders.

About the price: The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum Award aims to acknowledge people and organizations working within the field of movie production in Israel. The price has existed since 2008 and is divided into seven different categories.

Five-year project that makes ​​a difference

For several years, Diakonia's partner organization B'Tselem has worked with the project Armed with Cameras. The project, apart from filming everyday life, has also produced films which have been used to record evidence in situations regarding international humanitarian law. This opportunity has strengthened B'Tselems work considerably, and the project has also been an effective and important part in increasing the organization's credibility and influence.

Motivation for winning the award

Armed with Cameras was awarded the prize for best documentary with the following motivation:

"In the last year the project has reached a peak in its production, with footage collected by the volunteers airing regularly and frequently in Israeli and international news networks, receiving millions of views in YouTube, and exposing wide audiences to what had previously gone unseen. In addition to exposing violations of human rights, the camera also captures many human moments and succeeds – in a time of gradually increasing separation between the two societies – to convey to the Israeli public the everyday life and point of view of the people who live on the other side of the wall."