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Report: Human rights in Central America

"Human rights and confrontation" is the title of a report by Diakonia and three Central American partner organizations about Central America. In the whole region the human rights situation and that of human rights defenders is worrying.

Human rights are not guaranteed

There is an intensified militarization taking place in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Fundamental rights are not guaranteed and there are extreme levels of violence. Political crisis in the region and its effects on the democratization process.

The advances of the democratic process and of human rights, more than being fragile and unstable, have become reversible. The coup d’état in Honduras against the democratically elected government, shows that democratic and Human Rights advances, more than being unstable and reversible, are still insufficient in creating institutions that assures legitimacy,stability, and social confidence.

Many recommendations in the report

Governments should look for mechanisms to overcome the fragility of the democratic processes, strengthen the rule of law, and guarantee socially efficient reliable institutions and a culture of respecting and upholding the law.

Contributing partners: Three Diakonia partner organizations have contributed to the report "Human rights and confrontation", that focuses on the situation in Central America:

CIPRODEH in Honduras

CENIDH in Nicaragua

FESPAD in El Salvador

The governments of the region should promote, according to the political and social development of each country, processes for reshaping the social coexistence model, based on a broad social agreement and the consensus of an agenda that spans the followingelements:

Development of a favorable climate for the protection of human rights

Economic growth that benefits the population

Promoting a development process based on human beings, the environment, natural resources and life itself

Respect for the constitution of the States

Overcoming the structural causes of poverty, impunity and violence

Assuring the participation of international cooperation

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