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This is the award that PARTNER were given because of their tree plantation project.

Bangladesh: PARTNER wins award for tree plantation

In Bangladesh, Diakonia's partner organization PARTNER has received a prestigious award for its environmental protection work from the Government of Bangladesh. The award was given to PARTNER by the Prime Minister at a ceremony in June 2012. The tree plantation project was a cooperation between Diakonia, PARTNER and local communities.

Severely affected by climate change

Bangladesh is one of the countries where the effects of climate change is most concrete and causes many problems, particularly for people who are living in poverty. This is why Diakonia's partner organization PARTNER started its project for tree plantation.

"Massive tree plantation in the community level could successfully cope the hazards of Climate Change, less rainfall and desertification", explains Md.Abdus Sobhan Meah, the executive director of PARTNER.

Involved and proud beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of the program of PARTNER took great interest in tree plantation, rearing and protection. They spent a lot of time to take care the plants in fencing, watering and manure if necessary. The beneficiaries feel themselves very proud that their contributions were appreciated by no other person than the Prime Minister of the country herself.

Both the beneficiaries and the staff working with the tree plantation project want to share the pride of getting of prestigious national award as it is a worthwhile contribution in nation building.

Diakonia's support

"Diakonia has provided PARTNER with financial support, technical support and above all moral support. This success would not have been achieved without Diakonia's timely cooperation and support", states Md.Abdus Sobhan Meah, the executive director of PARTNER.